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We are a team of seniors at at a Bay Area high school with experience in a wide variety of subjects.

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About Us

Courses Created and Taught by High Schoolers

Our experiences in middle and high school allow us to empathize with our students when they are having trouble understanding a problem and provide them with tips or tricks to solve problems more efficiently.

  • Quality content and explanations through videos and tutorials.
  • Affiliated program where we can tutor students one-on-one.
  • Students who have experience with the curriculum and provide advice and encouragement.
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Why Choose For The Youth?

For the Youth was created by a group of very capable high school seniors, who work hard to improve their students’ proficiency at math and programming skills. We created this team in order to help students have additional resources and tutorials during the pandemic. In addition to the website, we can work one-on-one with our students, and we have experience in teaching.


As students who have gone through the school system, we have access to prep books, review materials, and notes that can help students learn.

Online Study Materials

The webiste provides course materials and video tutorials that can help students gain a greater understanding of the topics covered.


As high schoolers, we have had the most recent exposure to the evolving curriculum, and will provide personalized assistance for students interested in a tutor.